She Review: A convincing intense thriller-drama of 7 episodes

In Netflix’s She, a senior constable Bhoomi played by Aditi Pohankar is the central character of the seven episodes thriller cop drama. As she sets to help nab the drug lord of Mumbai disguising as a prostitute, the story seems to open about how she discovers her hidden self anew opposed to her reserved, under-confident persona.

As the events unfold in the story, the web-series engages you through its thick and thin. Aditi has gracefully acted and Vijay Verma is brilliant as ever. Vijay, himself coming from Hyderabad, and the series partly based out of the drug traffickers from Hyderabad, uttered a perfect accent and aced the character of Sasya.

It thrills you, keep one glued as you binge-watch the complete series in a go. The ending episode leaves at an interesting juncture curiously leaving space for Series 2.

The series deserves 7.5 out of 10 stars.

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