On Hindi Diwas, those shy of speaking Hindi will find a role model in the talented Jamie Alter

The late-veteran actor and Padma Shree awardee Tom Alter‘s son Jamie Alter is taking the legacy of his father forward. He might be of American descent, but he is more Indian than any one of us.

Born and brought up in the hill station of Mussoorie, Jamie Alter is a known name there by one and all. After completing schooling in Mussoorie he pursued higher education from the US. Having become an actor in his initial days he finally opted for cricket journalism in India with popular media houses such as Times of India, ESPN etc.

Lately, he started his Youtube channel in which he posts multi-variety videos on his life experiences and journey so far. In his videos, he speaks fluent English and can impress anyone with his English speaking skills. But, how does it become a role-model quality?

Well, the take here is that he speaks Hindi equally fluently, or say quite interestingly. Rather, he loves speaking Hindi more than English. Almost all of his videos are in Hindi which is truly inspiring.

On Hindi Diwas today, he has also posted a video on his Youtube channel today in which he extensively talks about the importance of Hindi as a language and his learnings from it.

The majority of Indians consider Hindi as a sub-standard language and often feel shy of using the mother tongue as a primary conversation language. Be it called the peer pressure or some self-assumed beliefs, looking down upon Hindi is often labelled as cool.

But, Jamie Alter has something refreshing and inspiring to offer. We have a lot to learn from him as to why the languages play an important role in the building of the nation and why we should not discard our local languages.

On that note, he is truly a role model for the generation which doesn’t like speaking the mother tongue Hindi.

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