The Health Tea brand from Himalayas, ‘SpaceByLeaf’ is focused on Women Health!

Based out of Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, SpaceByLeaf is one of youngest brand into manufacturing of Green Tea based health drinks. The brand specializes in manufacturing 100% Natural Green Tea blended with rare herbs with properties ranging from Anti-ageing to Immune boosting.

The brand has a processing facility in a small hilly village known as Kandbari in Palampur at an elevation of over 1500 m which is the perfect elevation for growing Green Tea. Where it sources only hand-plucked organic Tea leaves from small farmers. During blending, the brand segregates whole leaves which are blended with Ayurvedic herbs under Ministry of Ayush guidelines and broken leaves are discarded.

Their blending process is 200 years old which limits the use of machines, helping minimize the nutritional losses in the process of bringing out most natural Tea blends which are therapeutic in nature. Their most best selling and loved blends are Butterfly Peaflower Blue Tea, Kahwa, Lemongrass, Rose Oolong, Panch Tulsi, Masala Herbal, Rose Orthodox and Chamomile Green Tea.

What separates SpaceByLeaf from established brands is that the company doesn’t use any flavours, not even Natural flavours. The brand believes in keeping blends as raw as possible in the most natural form. Most of the herbs the company uses in its blends is sourced from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Phillipines, Kashmir, Nilgiri and the USA.

Launched in October 2020, the brand is receiving rave response from its customers. The founder, Mr. Diwaker Deepak says, it’s people’s love that will drive the growth of the brand. Having invested nearly 15 lacs in setting up various facilities, the brand looks forward to generating revenues of 50 lacs within 2 years.

According to Mr. Diwaker, the USP of the brand is to keep products absolutely free of any type of essence or flavour. As per the brand, the use of flavours is done to minimize the cost which also deteriorates the nutritional value of the products. The 100% Natural tag and the 200 years old Orthodox process of producing blends is what which is helping the brand grow.

With more than 15 SKUs, SpaceByLeaf has focus on Women’s health and will be launching Period Tea and UTI Tea for treating period pain and UTI infections respectively soon.

The brand which is owned by Holistic Living Solutions India is planning to foray into international market through Amazon.

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