Best Rajma Chawal in Delhi: Sarita Kashyap’s inspiring story is of grit & passion

Hailed as a lady selling Best Rajma Chawal in Delhi, Sarita Kashyap truly represents inspiration and hardwork. After the death of her husband, she was left without any source of income. Despite having worked for 17 years in auto sector, she could not find a desired role which could fulfill her aspirations and give her freedom.

Having to raise the only daughter single-handedly, she had no option but to explore options which meant a great deal for her. She watched numerous inspiration videos. And, the result was to do something with her cooking skills. She knew she makes mouth-watering Rajma Chawal.

Best Rajma Chawal in Delhi

And, the though of selling Rajma Chawal was the beginning of a life changing experience for her. Sarita had no money to invest in a shop or staff and open a restaurant. She had a scooter which was to become the shop of her Rajma Chawal start-up.

She didn’t a give a single though as to what the society or relatives would think. She just followed her passion with grit and honesty. Having started in November 2019, she now does a business of over Rs 10000 per day selling Rajma Chawal from her scooter in Peeragarhi, Delhi.

Isn’t Sarita Kashyap’s story truly inspiring for everyone which teaches us no work is small. Stay tuned for more such success stories.

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