Aarya Review: The Sushmita Sen led Series will thrill you with natural performances by all

Aarya – Disney Plus Hotstar web-series of 9 episodes shines at every angle. It’s a perfect concomitant of varied features excelling one another. Devoid of any unnecessary hi-fi tones, artificial dialogues, forced acting, the creator Sandeep Modi delivers a naturally believable flick. The story is a crime thriller in which Chandrachoor Singh owns a Pharma company and also runs a drug racket in disguise of the same. All about how Sushmita Sen saves her family when Chandrachur is shot by the business rivals, Aarya is another brilliant series by Hotstar.

Aarya Actors’ Performances

The lead actor Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh seen onscreen after very long time are treat to the eyes. Sushmita Sen playing (Aarya Sareen) as wife of Chandrachur acts poised and confidentaly. She delivers her dialogues compositely, and even the simple sentences uttered by her in the series appear no less than powerful dialogues.

Chandrachur Singh has acted so fresh and natural that make us hook to the story effortlessly. When he is on screen, you cannot go off it. His performance is relatable, firm and raw. You would love to watch him more but it’s Sushmita’s series, so he gets quite less space except episode one.

Sikander Kher has also been amazing. He packs a punch and delivers a robust discharge of performance. His screen presence ensures the thrill in the series. He has his dialogues which make him stand apart.

Other actors as Manish Choudhary, Ankur Bhatia, Alexx ONell etc. all have been good at their parts. Manish acts well as the main villain Shekawat. Allexx, an American actor is another treat to the eyes. Ankur Bhatia has been slightly weak in comparison to others. But, he does his job.

Aarya’s Screenplay, Costume and Camerawork

The screenplay is captivating and bind you through the thick and thin of the series. The unfolding of events is symmetric and gripping. To be able to display things on a mega scale require a distinct vision which the creators have understood and executed well. The whole setup looks so real, be it the marriage stage in Rajasthan or the treatment given to the story at any given point. The camera work is brilliant and subjects in focus never go out of sight. The costume designer deserves a mention for bringing vibrant colours to the web-series. All actors’ dresses have been chosen carefully.

Aarya’s Music & Background Score

The Bollywood Hindi songs added in background add an interest to the series. The songs picked remain relevant to the storyline to help audience enjoy watching the series. The background score is good too, justifying the thriller-crime theme of the story.

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Aarya’s story is overall good and does enough to tie you up with the story. There are few scenes which become slow and less meaningful but that is simply overpowered by beautiful and crisp screenplay with excellent dialogue deliveries by all which more or less appear natural and relatable. That’s the biggest scoring point the series has – brilliant acting by all.

The series finely deserves 7 out of 10 points.

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