South Korean film Parasite is a cult-classic tragicomedy! Read the review.

A film of the stature of Parasite comes in once a decade. Where every event unfolds as if this is the end but it’s not. The Academy Award Winner and Bong Joon-ho directed Parasite is that miracle film which can turn around a director’s or an actor’s career.

The film has a flawless story showing momentary changeover in fortunes of the poor Kim family of 4 members as it tricks influential-rich Parker family into having them in different roles of household helps viz. maid, driver and tutor, but the God has other plans. To prevent them from being exposed the family has had to deal with Park family’s previous maid who has got her husband hiding in the house’s secret basement which Park family is unaware of.

After Kim family’s son Ki-Woo gets the job of teaching English to Parker’s family daughter Da-Hye on the recommendation of his friend, he makes use of a situation to get his sister Ki-Jung appointed as an Art teacher for Parker family’s son Da-song and decide to hide the fact that they are siblings. Moving on, Ki-Jung ploys to have her mother Chung-sook replace the existing maid at the Park family. Finally, Mr. Kim also gets joins the Park family as driver. Kim family excels at their jibs and take Park family into complete confidence.

When the Kim family was assured and relaxed due to the good income and improved lifestyle, the bad fortune takes over. The previous maid Gook-Moon returns and accidently discloses the location of his husband hiding in the secret basement. All threaten to reveal one another’s motives to the Park family. But, Kim family overcomes Gook and his husband, and ties them both in the basement.

Later, when Gook Moon dies after being pushed down the stairs by Chung Sook, Ki-Woo decides to eliminate both Gook and her husband by sneaking into the basement with a stone gifted by his friend but gets overpowered by Gook’s husband who gets to free himself and follows Chung Sook upstairs and kills him.

Gook’s husband walks into the lawn where party is being organized. Gook kills Da-Hye who in turn is killed by Mr. Kim.

The near-end of the movie is tragic when Mr. Kim kills Mr. Park in fit of rage, escapes and hides into the basement forever.

Searching for his father, Ki-Woo decrypt the location of his father who was sending cryptic messages through a light-switch. Ki-Woo then decides to buy that bungalow once he grows up and earns enough to free his father.

This tragicomedy represents humour, horror and gloom all at once, and makes for a must watch. All actors have done their exceedingly well. The screen play fits to perfection as the story proceeds. It’s a Director’s masterpiece.

The film deserves 9 out of 10 stars.

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