The Lift Boy Review: Nyla Masood shines in the sweet film The Lift Boy

The Lift Boy is that film which gives you hope in your dark times. Jonathan Augustine’s direction is simple and praiseworthy.

We can proudly say that it’s Nyla Masood’s film though the central character has been performed by Moin Khan. Nyla is remarkable in the film throughout as she finely executed her role. Moin’s acting seems manufactured and is the worst part about the film.

The Lift Boy’s Direction

Jonathan Augustin‘s direction is praiseworthy, simple and the story will make you cry in the end. Cinematography is good, so is the screenplay.

Aneesha Shah in The Lift Boy
Aneesha Shah in The Lift Boy

All other actors including Neha Bam and Aneesha Shah have done excellent job. The story is sweet about a young lazy boy trying to clear his final paper of Engineering in fifth attempt. Nyla playing a old lady helps him achieve it.

Moin’s acting is dull and plastic. Except him, everyone else has has done his job dutyfully. Aneesha and Nyla are reasons one should watch the film.

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