Bold Review: Netflix’s Jamtara exposes India’s cyber-crime capital!

Jamtara Web-series is based on a city of the same name in Jharkhand, India where a group of village youth are engaged in phishing and other cyber related crimes using their phones, multiple sims and other cyber related equipment.

Netflix’s Jamtara web-series story

The story is real but the strategy of execution of such crimes portrayed by the director, Soumendra Padhi, in the series is way too simple not to be caught by government. The group as shown in the series initially doesn’t use any computers etc. but just phones and get to dupe as many people in different locations as possible by just calling them. The modus-operandi for conducting cyber crimes of this scale cannot be as straightforward. It would have been better had the director shown a little detailed perpetration of these crimes.

Jamtara’s director preferred to give more powers to a bunch of uneducated village youth over the trained police officers. Police were shown so weak that initially they were not even able to track the phone location through sim cards. Later, even offices of the IPS scale were not able to track them down.

But, the writer Trishant Srivastava has done an elaborate job of studying each character well. Nowhere it felt the characters were loosely written. The bonding, the conflict and the association rendered looks imaginable.

Jamtara web-series cast during promotion
Jamtara web-series cast during promotion

The actors have perfected the roles with proper accent and the dialect. The major roles were performed by

A must watch, the series deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

Details about the release of the season 2 of the Netflix’s Jamtara can be read at

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