Illegal Review: Neha Sharma starrer web-series is a gripping tale vouching for justice

Streaming on Voot Select, the web-series Illegal has many coincidences. Neha Sharma playing a corporate lawyer Niharika Singh moves out of home in Bangalore to join a new job in Delhi where she co-incidentally lands in a firm owned by her ex-boyfriend’s father. There she is coincidentally given the high profile case of a rape accused borne out of her father’s second marriage.

In order to enhance thrill factor of one’s work, most of the film-makers, directors these days forgo showcasing framework of the critical scenes. They prefer leaving it to the viewers’ imagination, even those important facets which can affect the interest of audience. It may be in the zone of creative freedom at director’s end, but abandoning the defining turning points of a story at viewers’ discretion is nothing more than a feeble escape.

Most actors have aced their characters. The characters performed brilliantly by Neha Sharma (Niharika Singh) and Satyadeep Misra (Puneet Tandon) are the highlight of the whole series. Satyadeep’s character is the most interesting part of the whole series. You wouldn’t want to leave the screen whenever he was on it. He deserves to be doing greater roles.

Illegal review
Illegal review

Kubra Sait playing the role of Meher Salam who is on a death row after poisoning her family to death has been just well. But, modern-urban roles suit her more. Playing a typical prisoner character, she was just fine. Though she hadn’t left any stone unturned but few scenes on her appeared forced.

Deepak Tijori, seen after years has done his job of playing a father to the Bhumi as well as the rape accused much better. Piyush Mishra in the role of the owner of lawyer firm Janardan Jaitley has always had just one accent (throughout his career). Which may fall in one’s favour for a typical role on director’s demand. But, repeating a similar accent style for all characters/films may irritate some as many a times he ate his own dialogues and uttered half of them.

The effort to show the romantic angle between Bhumi and Akshay Jaitley (played by Akshay Oberoi) when she consoles him upon his mother’s death seemed a forced replicate from 90s Bollywood films. Apart from the unsettling initial co-incidences, the series was gripping and proves a point everyone time you felt it went off the track.

The background score helps you build on concentration as most of the dialogues between Niharika and Akshay didn’t evoke any appeal and wasted the screen presence. May be the whole occurrence of having both indulge in romance after separation was a wrong decision.

Nevertheless, it was a compelling watch despite some slow pace within the story. It deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

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