‘Mirai’ Review: An anime that captures every moment flawlessly

Usually, most animes are adventure-based or action-based, but this anime movie is quite the opposite and still hits the heart. ‘Mirai’ is about Kun, a headstrong 4 year-old who just became a brother to little sister Mirai, and he isn’t so keen about it. He discovers that the tree in his backyard can take him to the past and future of his whole family.

Mirai Review

He learns numerous lessons as the tree transports him to various times, and becomes a better brother and son while learning about his family history. ‘Mirai’ is remarkable and exceptional in all ways. The plot, the conflicts, the characters, all are written wonderfully! Every scene is relatable and you know exactly what each character is feeling because if you have siblings, every part of this movie is like a piece of your childhood.

‘Mirai’ captures every moment flawlessly, either they be big or small. This is certainly a movie you should watch with your whole family. It will surely make you nostalgic about your siblinghood. This movie suits all ages! Kun’s story just goes to show that our family history makes us who we are. If it weren’t for the choices of those before us, we would be very different.

Overall, I think ‘Mirai’ is a very whimsical, thoughtful, lively movie all in itself. In my opinion, it gets 8 out of 10. Watch Mirai yourself and
determine if my rating is justified or not.

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