Mastram Review: Stooping to new low, Harsh Vyas directed Mastram Season 1 sets a bad example

There can be nothing as worse as imagining to having sex with your Aunt, or Sister as shown in Mastram. Or, how about a scene where all men sitting in a saloon are reading an erotic novel and openly indulging in masturbation. Or a group of men travelling in a bus touching their penis upon seeing a scantily clad woman. What after this Harsh Vyas? Will you show a mother having sex with son in your next?

From technical point of view, Harsh Vyas’s direction of Mastram is good. Cinematography, camera work and locations add to the aesthetic appeal. The music and its placement is good, few songs put across the series are praiseworthy. But, over that, what kind of cinema are we giving birth to? In the name of eroticism, shall we even promote incest? What next will you show after portraying your aunt or someone who you call Didi as subjects of sexual gratification?

What goes really bad in Mastram?

Anshuman Jha starring Mastram does a humiliating injustice to the women who have been at the receiving end of our society and subjected to sexual crimes. Web-series or films misrepresenting sexual desires of a woman further demonize the nonequivalent fabric of the society giving rise to crimes of intense sexual nature against women.

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Anshuman Jha & Rani Chaterjee Mastram Web-series Review
Anshuman Jha & Rani Chaterjee Mastram Web-series Review

The sexual scenes shot in all episodes are good and the director deserves appreciation for his aesthetic sense. But, it doesn’t absolve the makers of the culpability of targeting and portraying women as bidding to randomly seducing people as they roam around. Misleading the society in the name of creative freedom by showing women as hungry of sex and ready to sleep with anyone aggravates the very situation of them in the country.

How can one approve of making a web-film this lowly, amoral and demeaning to women. It simply shows how makers are promoting objectification of women at large. Recently there’s been a trend of showing soft porn across all OTTs, but to show men openly masturbating in a saloon is undignified and shameful. Doesn’t it justify the cases of men masturbating at women in buses, autos etc?

Merely attempting to brainwashing the youth, makers are playing with the consciousness of the society, for the sake of raking in some moolah. Such works give rise to the crimes of the scale of ‘Boys Locker Room’ where it’s discussed how and why a woman should be raped. Such works eliminate the fine gap of understanding of relations that differ from making it out to motherly affection.

This is an extremely serious concern across India’s web-space as our youth, first of all, severely lacks the maturity to understand that the things which are being shown across web-series or films of OTT platforms don’t hold slightest truth. Second, men’s innate evilness tends to mould the facts to its greater misuse. And, the recent sprung in online OTTs viz. Fliz Movies, Bolti Kahani etc. which largely show soft porn as part of their content content in their bid to become the mainstream is causing huge damage to minds of the youth.

There’s been other web-series which have shown highly sexual and explicit content, even threesome, gay-sex but nothing was disgraceful therein. Nothing was shown to mean denigrating to women. The sexual scenes of other platforms until now were shown as to demean any of the genders. Now, we are really afraid as Mastram sets an unethical precedent as to what mode other channels/OTTs may prefer to show unless we have a sort of censorship in place.

Mastram Web-Series

The makers of Mastram must learn from the web-series like Four More Shots Please, review of which can be read ta If they can’t do do any good to womanhood, they have no right to do the bad to them.

We urgently need to address it till we get to see other versions of Boys Locker Room across the country. Online OTTs need censure. Giving them the unobstructed channels to launch the filth of their minds in the form of soft-porn web-series is going to be catastrophic.

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