Manoj Bajpayee shines in Jacqueline Fernandez led Netflix’s Mrs. Serial Killer! Read the Review.

It’s a story that chiefly revolves only around Sona Mukherjee played by Jacqueline Fernandez. A kind of revenge story which incites Sona to commit equally villainous crimes to prove her husband’s innocence. In her bid, Sona perpetrates as many murders as one can even believe of her to not get caught in the act.

Director Shirish Kunder has whimsically planned and executed the plots that outspread after every kill Sona does and prevents her from come under the sphere of doubts till the end. It’s easy to imagine than to simply execute believing 2+2 can be 22 even in examination. Having to show the lead actor always have the favour and luck on her part requires a great deal perfection which the director has apparently missed to show. A poor planning leads nowhere, but this movie is the exception as the failure doesn’t even touch you by accident.

Self-believe plays good, but overdone of anything only harms. And, thus by practicing the same, the director here has harmed the content of what could have been a fair watch. Jacqueline acts good but it requires of her to consistently work on her Hindi accent. It will help her deliver dialogues competently. It will also help her understand and execute the scenes better. Ultimately, it’s the fault of the director not to be able to get the best out of his lead actor.

Manoj Bajpayee has been brilliant and overshines Jacqueline by a mile. In the role of a doctor he has his share of work. But again, for an actor of the scale of Manoj, you need to put him in his own zone and provide with sufficient shots and screen presence.

Mohit Rains is also good having played as Imran. Camera is largely fair but not the best, the angles at some places were way too off the main subject which we believe would have bee done away with during editing. Editing? Please don’t ask for it. Editing also seems to have gone skipped the mind of the director.

Majorly the films seems to be a complacent high voltage action-drama copied after having watched numerous Hollywood thrillers.

For the hard-work of all the casts, and even director, we would like to give it 5 out of 10.

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