Jennifer Winget starrer military-based thriller-drama Code M sparkles!

Released on 15th Jan 2020 and streaming on Zee5, we get to see the best of Jennifer Winget in Code M.

Appointing Major Monica Mehra (Jennifer Winget) as the lead investigator into an alleged fake encounter case turns out to be the biggest mistake of Colonel Suryaveer’s life (played by Rajat Kapoor).

As she puts her best foot forward in trying to unravel the mystery, she decides to tread through notorious zones alone where the citizens have huge disrespect for the army after the fake encounter that lead to the death of two innocent villagers and Major Ajay.

Unfolding of investigation plots has been depicted quite well. Though, the initial approach of Major Monica of openly walking through the incident location could have been handled better. There should have been a better approach as to when it comes to investigating serious matters, that too related to Army. Going in an army vehicle and asking the driver to park the car away after deboarding the car right in the village market sounded stupid. Repeating it when Monica visits with Angad (Tanuj Virwani) goes over the head.

Rather they should have taken the private car or taxi if secrecy was the prerequisite. This is solely the director’s (Akshay Choubey) fault.

Showing Colonel Suryaveer smoking while being in the office doesn’t suit as it’s restricted in the Army. Director should have done little more research on Army rules and lifestyle. Just showing the officers playing sports and drinking wine in club disappoints when it could have been easily avoided.   

The realization in the last episode that there’s is more to it than just two gay officers getting convicted for having killed Major Ajay was the real turning point. The Dalit angle is well thought out. Rajat Kapoor’s reasoning of justifying Major Ajay’s murder on account of a person having born in gutter and lived on the freebies given by upper caste, securing job through Reservation should have been countered with some dialogues by Jennifer Winget. A silent approach to it doesn’t do justice.

The concluding dialogues between Colonel Suryaveer and Major Monica take interest to exciting level. The effort by screenwriter to open a series of revelations through a discussion on Zodiac signs is commendable.

All actors have done their jobs well. The series deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

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