Jawani Jaaneman is a light-hearted happy watch with brilliant acting by Saif

Released in January 2020 and starring Saif Ali Khan, Tabu & Alaya Furniturewala in the leads, Nitin Kakkar directed Jawani Jaaneman will steal your heart. It’s one of those coolest films Indian Cinema will be proud of. It’s Alaya’s debut film at the age of 22.

Jawani Jaaneman is light-hearted family watch with commendable acting from all casts. Saif has acted brilliantly, so is Tabu & Alaya. Saif plays a reckless property agent in Britain with errant habits and lifestyle where he often hooks up with opposite gender for random sex.

How Alaya enters Saif’s life epitomizes the crux of the entertainment the film offers.

Forced into sudden parenthood overnight, he is shocked beyond acceptance and tries to shirk and do away with the responsibilities. But, when Saif melts & invites Alaya to stay with him proves to be the emotional turning point.

The tree angle shown in the film where Saif doesn’t pay heed to her daughter auspiciously turns out to bring the happy ending in the film.

Tabu coming to Britain to meet her daughter and Saif not even recognizing has some hilarious moments. Alaya’s boyfriend played by Dante Alexander has acted hysterically.

The film simply reminds of Ajay Devgan’s De De Pyar De and has many similar perspectives.

The two peppy remixes viz. Ole Ole and Gallan Kardi have been done up pretty well.

Kubra Sait, Kumud Mishra & Chunkey Pandey in supporting roles seem perfect. Kumud agreeing to Saif’s proposal of aborting the building project if tree is not retained sends out a good message.

The film is a must watch and deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

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