Is Ullu App free? Is Ullu TV safe? Owner of Ullu App? Know all about Ullu

We have seen questions going on like what is Ullu App, is it free or not or who runs Ullu App, whether it’s safe. Today, we’ll answer them all.

What is Ullu App?

It is an OTT platform like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix etc for releasing of digital video based content. It features web-series mostly based on erotic content. It’s available as an App on phone and also on Laptop/desktop if you don’t want to install the App. You may also call it a Digital TV which runs only on Computer or Mobiles through internet.

Is Ullu TV available on Fire TV Stick?

Yes, Ullu TV is available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can watch all Ullu shows on Fire Stick if you have taken Ullu subscription and have internet connectivity.

Is Ullu TV safe?

Yes, the Ullu TV is completely safe. Its use has not seen any virus attack on devices or random opening of pop-up windows. It’s found absolutely safe to use as per cyber reports.

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Is Ullu App Free?

No, the Ullu subscription is not free. But its subscription charge is very less in comparison to other platforms. For one year of subscription it only charges Rs 198. For 6 months, it charges Rs 144, for 3 months Rs 99 and for 5 days Rs 36 only.

Also, some of the Ullu’s web-series get available free on Youtube, MX Player etc.

Who is the owner of Ullu?

Ullu is run by Vibhu Agarwal who is also the CEO of the Ullu App. He started Ullu App in 2018. He started with primarily showcasing erotic content in the form of videos through short stories on Ullu. Now, they have diversified their content to other stories but it still remains as an Erotic Content Provider.

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