Ghoomketu Review: You’ll leave watching it halfway as it irritates to no end

Let’s us make it more irritating: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Ghoomketu is a story that start, changes plot, starts again, changes plot again, again starts, and again changes plots and that’s the whole story until you leave it or better say that’s how it’s ruined. It starts, ends but in between it’s nothing to put concentration on.

Ghoomketu’s Storyline

We won’t talk about the story in the film as it doesn’t have any. It seems five random writers were asked to write a story on Bollywood dreams of a missing son of an affluent family in Bihar. All writers came up with the creation of their own and the director just packed all stories together in no order and came up with Ghoomketu.

Actor’s Work

All actors, specially Nawazuddin have been wonderful at their jobs. But their talent has been wasted by such a confusing-irritating film. Specially Nawazuddin, who is regarded as one of finest Indian actors lays intentionally misused by the combo of director-producer. Was the thought like ‘let’s ruin these actors’ career’ their in the minds of producers? Anurang Kashyap who has co-produced the film also acted in a supporting role. And, let’s tell you Anurag has acted extremely bad. Any other newcomer would have played more worthwhile.

Director’s Work

Do we need a writer or a director to make and produce films in 2020. No, we don’t. The film Ghoomketu proves it so justly. Because when we have films like this supported by the likes of Anurag Kashyap, then we make a movie with or without director doesn’t make the slightest difference. Moreover, a newcomer would have been more productive than the Ghoomketu’s director Pushpendra Nath Misra. Seemed, he went on a holiday, giving the directional rights to his juniors, and returned so tired to just release it without a check.

You will start itching your head in the first 30 minutes of the film. The film doesn’t deserve any rank or stars, but for all the hardwork of the actors, we’ll shell out 3 stars for the film.

PS: If you decide to watch it, please leave it halfway to prevent yourself from abusing the makers.

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