Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please! is disruptive & path-breaking! Read the review.

Starring Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, Bani J in the leads, Amazon Prime’s FourMoreShotsPlease series 2 turns heads and breaks stereotypes. Expectation of the first series have met in the second too. The story innovates and matures as it proceeds amid fun, fight and love.

The girls have performed brilliantly, never disappointed and led the series on their own. Deserving accolades, writers Ishita Moitra and Devika Bhagat have written a masterpiece story.

The dialogues in the weight gain comparison society reasons is sparkling and force the humankind to overhaul itself.

In episode 3, the convergence of girls’ tales at the similar juncture where they all look up positively for a fresh start has been well shot and reasoned. Damini is up for her book, Anjana has quit the company and broke up with Arjun, Sidhi does a well impromptu comic act and Umang decides to meet Samara.

The chemistry shown between Kavya & Anjana is promising when it comes to caretaking of the child. Such flexibility, understanding and respect in relations will encourage the people out there to be virtuous.

Maturing of relations in the difficult times when Varun and Anjana acknowledge their past and mistakes they did do a great deal of emotions massed up.

A publisher wouldn’t publish a controversial book in 2020? It sounded way too much illogical. Even if it was required to depict as such to let the role of self-publishing come in, another good rationale must have been inserted for denial by the publishers.

Projecting that self-publishing requires breaking of FDs and Shares can’t be more misguiding. One doesn’t have to launch a publishing house to be able to self-publish. It hardly takes few thousands.

Anjana and Shashank getting into sex despite Shashank being married fails to serve the grounds, though the marriage here was called open. Not right to show that it’s only and always sex between Men and Women. Everything shouldn’t mean to conclude into a sex-relationship. Sex as a feeling turns out be much objective and the only purpose between a man and a woman with this approach. Why can an association between a man and a woman not be just pure professional? Why it has to be taken to a personal proportion? To show as if the professional excellence gets compromised without getting too close and personal bargains with our intention of bringing interpretation of liberty to women.

Everything comes second when the point arises to give women their deserving places in the society. As one, we all have a lot to learn and practice from the web-series. It will lighten up the environs, and push us inside to mend the darker side we have been at since time immemorial. For women, the definition of freedom and liberty has to change and evolve into complete independence from bounds of all kinds.

Umang’s comprehension of being considered second by Samara just because she signs a film without telling her didn’t draw parallel with the fact that Umang is shown to be completely devoting herself to Samara many a times. It is only her who brings Samara out of depression by being an unwavering caretaker.

All actors have done a great job in their efforts of making it a premium Web-series. Maanvi Gagroo who stands out among all is a gem. She is pure, sharp and lightening fast. The cinematography and locations shot at resemble the scale of background of Films by Bhansali.

Few scenes apart, the series 2 completes the roller coaster ride on an inspiring note! It enlightens our understanding of many things – discussed or not, spoken of or not!

A must watch, it’s a well deserving 8 out of 10 stars make.

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