Vijay Varma steals the show in Zee5’s dated story Bamfaad!

Ranjan Chandel directed Bamfaad is an impassioned love saga based out of Allahabad. The story has the repeated theme of a brat Nasir Jamal (played by the debutant Aditya Rawal) falling in love with a girl Neelam (played by Shalini Pandey ) at first sight who is already in a unhappy relationship with a local don Jigar Fareedi (played  by Vijay Varma).

Nasir, son of a political aide, has errant ways of having things done in his favour. Be it to clear the exams through mass cheating, getting the examination cancelled by striking the honeybee beehive or beating people around to show his dominance.

Nasir falls in love with Neelam, who stays alone in a house at the behest of Jigar Fareedi , a political don in Allahabad. Jigar who has his likeness for Neelam assumes her to be his mistress. Neelam doesn’t like this but is afraid of confronting Jigar.

Nasir decides to confront Jigar, and there the kind of gang-war begins.

In the end, Nasir loses his mother and father. As Nasir and Neelam manage to escape the confines of Jigar, his men follow him but Jigar stops them.

Ultimately, Nasir gets Neelam aboard a train and bids goodbye saying he has some tasks to accomplish.

There’s no major shortcoming in the direction of the film which would specifically draw attention. The story of the film offers nothing new except for the actors. Means, the story is as similar and dated as it could be.

It’s a debut for Aditya Rawal, who is son of Paresh Rawal. He has done pretty well in his first film. Shalini Pandey has done a tremendous job too.

But, it’s Vijay Varma who steals the show. His acting skills exude brilliance. It’s his masterpiece performance.

Watch it for the cast and their performances. The film on entertainment scale deserves 6 out of 10 stars.

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