Irrfan Khan’s Angrezi Medium lacks logic of Hindi Medium! Read the review.

Angrezi Medium fails to meet the hype. The class of content, events, screenplay and storyline we had in Hindi Medium, Angrezi Medium was nowhere near to that. Maybe because we had unnecessary raised our expectations that Hindi Medium sequel would as good as the original or the film is actually not that good.

But, these are just good excuses to get off the burden of carrying a good content film forward. We believe that if Angrezi Medium had not been termed the sequel to Hindi Medium, the film would have done much better on the Box Office as a comedy.

Shot in Udaipur, the prime and foremost lacuna was the lack of a solid and streamlined story. Here, the Angrezi Medium had two stories running parallel to each other. One was the dispute between two brothers viz. Irrfan Khan and Deepak Dobriyal related to the rights to the brand called “Ghasiteram”. The other was Irrfan’s daughter Tarika’s fascination of studying in a foreign university in Britain (played by Radhik Madan).

Tarika who is an average student gets a help from a male friend and scores a good rank to be able to go abroad for studies under student exchange programme. But upon disqualification of Tarika for the exchange programme by the school due to conflict between Tarika’s father and School Principal’s husband, they find an illogical and fictious way of getting Tarika admitted into a foreign school.

Evading practicality, the duo of Irrfan and Deepak get into London on Dubai’s passport after being banned from entry into the UK on the earlier visit. It would have worked had it been a comic film. But the issue which it aims to address has been defeated with this poor use-and-throw rationale. Many such scenes which defy logic and reflect unquestionable comfort of director Homi Adjania.

The film director seems to be fooling himself around under the cushion of self-agreeing comfort. Either this film shouldn’t have been called sequel to Hindi Medium or had had a sound story.

All actors have acted well. Irrfan is always commendable as an actor. Radhika Madan has acted well too. Deepak Dobriyal wasn’t used to perfection in the film but has done his job well.

Kareena Kapoor is always good to see play an actor. The film scores 5 out of 10 stars.

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