Why Sambit Patra should be held responsible for Rajiv Tyagi death?

A well known Congress Spokesperson, Rajiv Tyagi, died of heart attack less than two hours later after he appeared on a TV debate opposing the views of BJP Spokesperson, Sambit Patra.

In the debate, held at 5 PM on 12th August 2020 on news channel Aaj Tak, Sambit Patra was seen using extremely vile language and attacking Rajiv Tyagi with personal comments. He often referred to him with the Hindi word ‘Tu’ and all on a live public debate. While Rajiv Tyagi tried to oppose Sambit Patra’s opinion with calm and respect, the latter was unreasonably furious, disrespectful and used foul language more than once.

Even the anchor-cum-moderator of the debate program, Rohit Sardana didn’t stop Sambit Patra from going personal. There is no use of going personal and using below-the-belt language in a debate on a prime time which meant for public view. This is extremely horrific, and Sambit Patra deserves huge condemnation by one and all.

The debate went on for about 15-20 minutes, and Just one and a half hours late around 7 PM today, Rajiv Tyagi died of heart attack.

This is the lowest point in the history of Indian Politics and journalism, when it’s hard to think if it can stoop even lower. There can be nothing meaner than attacking someone with personal comments while the topic is of national interest. You can score a point or two by being respectful even. If one doesn’t have this quality, he shouldn’t better be invited on TV debates.

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