Two sisters beaten up by locals for rescuing the dogs in Palampur, HP. Police action at large

Two sisters, Veronica and Pratibha, staying in Palampur, HP, who have been rescuing stray animals in Dharamshala and Palampur were brutally beaten up by a local mob.

Both Veronica and Pratibha run the Palampur Animal Welfare Centre through which the duo help the stray and injured animals, primarily the stray dogs.

On the fateful night, when they were walking their dogs in the night, a drunk man on scooter rammed his scooter into them and started demanding Rs 35000 for the damage. When the sisters confronted the man for blackmailing them, he fled only to show up later at their house with a mob of over 15 local goons.

The mob grabbed Pratibha by the hair and dragged her. Veronica jumped into protecting Pratibha only to be kicked and beaten mercilessly. Somehow, the sisters managed to lock them up inside the house.

No action so far has has been taken by the authorities despite multiple written complaints. The sisters have approached Police, even SDM but any appropriate action against the mob remains at large. Police came and let off the accused without any FIR

The act is beyond condemnable on part of locals who claim to be called the residents of God’s land, Himalaya.

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