So Sachin Pilot wants to become the PM of the country?

Sachin Pilot, there’s nothing wrong in being ambitious. People have different dreams and personal ambitions to fulfill in one lifetime. But, at the age of 42, if someone is a Deputy Chief Minister of one of the biggest Indian states, what would you have needed more?

Sachin Pilot becoming the youngest MP

Here comes the man, a young politician who has had fortune to go to Indian parliament at the age of 26, all due to his late father-politician Rajesh Pilot. May be he has set for himself the targets of life. That, if at the 26 years of age, he could be Member of Parliament, why can’t he be the PM of the country by the 50 or 55.

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Sachin Pilot should have learnt to be patient. We understand you put in a lot of hardwork in making the Rajasthan state eclection win possible for Congress. We all know you slogged on the ground single-handedly and tamed the difficult task.

But, It’s the same party that gave you ticket to 2004 Lok Sabha election. It’s the same party which made him one of the youngest Corporate Affairs Minister in 2012 just at the age of 34 years. Now when Congress as a party has been losing Central elections, how can you suppose the leadership to give you greater roles when it has not any?

This is a gross error at Sachin Pilot’s end. This miscalculation by Sachin Pilot will cost him and the Congress equally. This is nothing but greed. Instead of helping the party in trying times, you are helping the opponent’s camp.

He should question his conscience as to how he could not read the difference when it mattered the most. It’s is betrayal at best, by Sachin Pilot. And, the incidence holds a lesson for all veterans.

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