Now S Jainshankar and other ministers will be the News Anchors on Sansad TV

That’s going to be a pathetic step by the Modi government which in the efforts to drumbeat its achievements has plans of launching a News Series on the channel ‘Sansad TV’. It may sound fake but you heard it right.

Government has drafted a plan in which more than 50 such programs will be directly broadcast on Sansad TV in which Ministers will appear as the chief Anchors to share the positive developments of the ministeries.

It means that the foreign Minister S Jainshankar will talk about the foreign relations and India’s role in the world on the platform and other ministers will similarly sing songs to suit their politics and the government positively.

The lead Anchors in plan so far are S Jainshankar, Tejaswi Surya, Varun Gandhi, Niti Ayog CEO Amitabh Kant etc. The concern to be noted is that not a single opposition MP has been chosen in the first draft list. This clearly raises the doubt on Modi Government’s intention.

The other programs in the Sansad TV will focus on India’s rising Military might, Govt’s role in strengthening the Indian Economy, solving the job crisis, augmenting the health infrastructure etc. In all topics and fields, the programs will be led by the respective Cabinet Minister or the Minister of state.

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