Meet India’s worst Prime Minister till date!

Only in a country like India, a leader can prioritize his party rallies for State Elections or Central Vista Project over the improving the health infrastructure of the country. And, India’s worst Prime Minister is none other than the existing one, Narendra Modi.

What makes Modi India’s worst Prime Minister?

Covid-19 is one of the worst calamities the humanity has faced. And, the proportion of mismanagement at the hands of India’s central leadership under the unskilled Modi government since the start of Covid-19 is the most blatant display of misuse of the chair Modi holds.

1. Gross disregard towards Mass Migration

Modi Government exhibited scant regards towards the mass migration that started in April 2020 after the lockdown was announced. The migration could be handled in a humane manner. But the govt. didn’t even provide any means of transportation to the lakhs of labourers who flocked to their villages in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from the National capital Delhi and Mumbai. The Modi government’s total ignorance contributed to community spread of Covid-19 to multiple times.

2. Nonsensical Vaccine Diplomacy

Which country would indulge in giving free vaccines and exporting to other nations without vaccinating its own population first? For a population of 130 crores, Indian Government gave initial order for only 16 crore vaccine shots which makes it only 20% of the vaccine manufactured in the country until January 2021. Serum Institute of India, the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world exported over 60 million doses of Astre Zenecea and almost the equal shots of vaccines Modi gov. distributed free to the neighbouring countries, South Africa, Ghana etc.

Free Distribution of life saving vaccines is a good show of leadership but only when if as a leader you have secured your own people. And, permitting export of the vaccine at the time when other countries like the USA and the UK were dealing with second wave is beyond imagination and confirms a leader’s state of mind.

3. No Preparation for Covid-19 Second Wave

England, the USA and some part Europe successfully dealt with the second Covid-19 wave from December 2020 to Feburary 2021. This was the crucial time for us to learn and prepare for second wave. But the supreme leadership in India turned out to be complacent, arrogant and ignorant. Lakhs of families have got destroyed due to the ill-prepared govt. unwilling to give a helping hand.

4. Conducting Election Rallies during peak of Second Wave

Modi and his team shamelessly indulged in conducting political rallies from Feburary 2021 to April 2021, invited gatherings of over lakhs of workers which led to community spread in West Bengal and other states. While any other nation or leader would have spend time in planning a robust response to the second wave.

5. Not Giving Patent to other Pharma Companies

The Oxford’s Astra Zenecea vaccine is being produced by Serum Institute of India under direct license. In view of the second wave, the govt. would have allowed other Pharma companies to produce the vaccine through patent. This would have ramped up our vaccine generation capacities if the govt. wanted to export and provide it for free to the poor countries.

6. Lacking Conviction in Handling India-China Ladkah Face-off

Leave Health sector, Modi is good for nothing. As per the research and report of several veteran Army leaders, Indian govt. has submissively given up on the land forcibly acquired by China in April 2020. China killed 20 of our brave jawans and many were severely injured. India has had no response and Modi didn’t utter a word condemning China leave alone giving a befitting reply to China.

7. Not Postponing Central Vista Project

A sane leader leads by setting example. And, in a situation like Covid-19, a wise leader would have either revoked or at least postponed the unnecessary Central Vista Project which is costing the govt. Rs 22000 crore. Instead of investing this money in upgrading health infrastructure of the country, Mr. Modi has chosen to go on with the project. This is horrible exhibition of arrogance by his leadership.

The above facts clearly show Modi’s priorities. Let the lakhs of citizens die, he doesn’t care. The unskilled Modi government remains unaffected and rooted in gross arrogance.

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