Is Dhruv Rathee biased? Why his opinions are not always correct?

‘Is Dhruv Rathee biased’ is the one question that has struck the audience recently. Dhruv Rathee has been making videos in which he shares his knowledge of different topics such as Geography, History, Business apart from political opinions on matters covering the entire world, but mostly India. He started making videos on Youtube in 2016 and has gained immense fan following and popularity amongst the youth.

Is Dhruv Rathee biased

As he recently completed 4 Million subscribers on Youtube, with this rise he owns the great responsibility of being fair and unbiased in his approach. But, in most of his politically opinionated videos, he is often accused of not taking a fair stand and tilting towards a particular party. Some say he favours AAP or congress while others accuse him of being leftist.

Having chosen to dodge these questions earlier, lately he has clarified his stand of being a non-partisan activist who believes in sharing truth and knowledge with the world. But, to mean exactly what one says or believes is not always true as Dhruv often gets his share of foot-in-mouth situations. He has often gone on recording and sharing myths, mis-informtion and fake news in his videos. He is seen showcasing half-cooked political opinions to his audience most of which is youth under the age of 25.

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For the errors, he is criticized, rebuked and even threatened in some gross unacceptable manners by cyber army of ruling political party. The followers get often divided and find little or no escape to develop non-partisan understanding on most issues. This harms the natural growth in opinions of political audience.

But the bigger and evolving fact is that Dhruv has not shied away from apologizing or admitting to mistakes if he happens to commit any. He has time and again come forward to admit to the errors he unknowingly spread. He even assures to practice greater caution in his research on varied topics.

So this clearly tells that Dhruv Rathee is not biased, at least in his videos, then whatever political clout he may be following intrinsically as admitting to one’s mistakes is no smaller task in the times when politicians like Sambit Patra and Kapil Mishra move freely even after instigating communal crimes openly.

Then what’s the problem with Dhruv Rathee?

The problem is his age. At the age of 24-25, The matters he takes on hand deserve a certain level of maturity which Dhruv lacks in his videos. Most of his political opinions don’t have depth or are not well-researched. He hastens in projecting himself as the unbiased political activist when his videos tell exactly opposite. Moreover, trying to prove his knowledge on vast subjects by making videos on each and every topic questions his credibility despite his strong research before publishing a video.

He needs to practice even greater caution and be more responsible as rises to success. He cannot haste and run away by apologizing every time he gets caught in an eat-your-own-words like situation. He needs to be serious and we believe he would as he ages towards his late thirties.

The day he realizes and starts practicing the prudence one requires to be called a truly non-partisan activist, he will grow into becoming the one.

So, Is Dhruv Rathee biased? NO. He is immature, at times.

As of now, Dhruv Rathi doesn’t seem biased. But at the same time, he is not mature enough to pass opinions on most matters related to various issues. He needs to handle and speak on sensitive issues with greater responsibility and maturity. He also needs to try to find a particular domain in which he could claim extreme expertise instead of getting his nose around in all subjects.

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