Discussion b/w Chhattisgarh’s Ex AG Kanak Tiwari and Gandhian activist Himanshu Kumar invokes a valid insight on Contempt of Court Act

The most recent cases of contempt of court against the activist-lawyer Prashant Bhushan and Justice C S Karnan have evoked the parallel debates as to what can be appropriately and morally described as contempt of court.

On the same matter, we have Ex Advocate General of Chhattisgarh Kanak Tiwari and Gandhian activist Himanshu Kumar discuss in detail on the show called Chokhibaat. The show was organised by the emerging news channel Newsbeen.

So, let’s trace the history of the Indian law that entails the act of contempt of court as a punishable offence in the video below.


The discussion between the duo brings out the rich facts from history as to how the act for Contempt of Court was formulated and made the part of the law in 1926 by the British government in India, which was further amended several times over the course of time. The question and debates over the misuse of the Contempt of Court have been here since the time of Independence and the efforts to bring reforms in the Act couldn’t be possible.

But the latest development in the direction to look into flaws of this Act arises due to the Supreme Court of India holding the activist Prashant Bhushan guilty of the Contempt of Court for not agreeing with the views and decision of the bench on the cases against the latter.

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