Comparison of India-China Military, Can we win a war against China?

Here, we come with the comparison of India-China Military. The whole world knows that China has been an aggressive trespasser of lands for decades. China has forcefully encroached Tibet, Hong Kong & Taiwan. We see unending protests against China by the citizens of these countries. China’s Galwan valley intrusion is being seen by the world as an illegal land-grabbing attempt by China on India’s sovereignty .

Our forces have hold onto their grounds despite PLA murdering our 20 soldiers and injuring 76. Our soldiers ensured the killing of at least an equal number of PLA soldiers in reply.

But what if China escalates the situation and shows its military might. Do we have the numbers to match the Chinese forces? Lets’ find out:

Comparison of India-China Military Capabilities
$ 45 BillionAnnual Defence Budget$180 Billion
1.5 MillionArmed Forces2.2 Million
150Nuclear Warheads320
500Fighter Planes2000
1Aircraft Carriers2
6000 KmMissile Range15000 Km
SmallMissile ArsenalLarge
Comparison of India China Military Capabilities

The above chart tells us a lot. India has huge shortfall of Defence equipments. BUt, that doesn’t mean we cannot give a befitting reply to China.

Despite the above gaps, our Army, Air Force & Navy can play an effective deterrent against Chinese misadventures. If the war happens, India may or may not win against China. But, our forces are capable of giving an apt reply to PLA.

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