China may lay claim over Chandni Chowk tomorrow

China has laid claimed over the whole Galwan valley saying the valley always belonged to China. While Indian establishment has not rejected the claim outright which is demoralizing for every citizen, PM Modi has gone a step ahead having said that no one had encroached Indian territory in Ladakh.

Now, if no one has encroached Indian territory in Ladakh, what is the stand-off all about, why our 20 brave armymen had to be butchered at the hands of Chinese. To give China a clean chit is clearly a mega-mistake committed by the Indian Govt that will go down in history as one of the insensitive remarks made by PM Modi. Even if PM Modi had to be diplomatic, he would have said the area of face-off is disputed and not demarcated. But not.

If this is the stance of our Govt., then be assured the day is not far when China would say that even Chandni Chowk is theirs. Red Fort is theirs and even Taj Mahal is theirs.

There is stand-off in Galwan because the Chinese has been erecting defence structures on our land. The satellites show how they have come forward from Finger 8 to Finger 2 claiming the land in between and even further. And, how they obstructed our forces from routine patrolling across the defined borders in Ladakh.

Indian Army is the bravest in the world. Howsoever, beneficial such comments by PM Modi be for his party and politics, the grit and morale of our forces can never be punctured. We are aware that our braves would have killed at least an equal no. of PLA, but our political leadership need to stand with our forces in sync and contradict them.

The martydom of our soldiers must not go waste, and the govt. should come out favouring our forces in order to reclaim the lost land from the Dragon.

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