Why Maanvi Gagroo’s is the best Four More Shots Please! character we relate to!

Sidhi Piddi performed by the brilliant Maanvi Gagroo in the Nupur Asthana directed Amazon’s Four More Shots Please! is that peppy and lively character whose happiness and sadness often synchronize. If challenged, it can turn revolutionary as we saw Sidhi doing an impromptu stage comedy with perfection. Deep inside it’s resolute and determined as well as confused and skeptical of its potential.

And, Maanvi has just truly aced such a character-play. She is spontaneous, unplanned and hardly thinks of the future. Often riding two boats simultaneously and still reaching the destination is what makes her special. The majority of us is just like her. We hate to plan but results eventually lead us to fulfillment in the end. We hate to have the world direct us about our journeys. We don’t complain but we also don’t obey. Independent, we achieve and even surpass.

And, Maanvi has justified every bit of her playing Sidhi Patel. Not a single scene where she hasn’t excelled. She has won our hearts.

Writers Ishita Moitra and Devika Bhagat have outstandingly written Sidhi’s character and Maanvi has just outlived Sidhi Patel. Kudos to them all!

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