Voot’s Marzi is A Bold Attempt At Being Fool!

Rajeev Khandelwal & Aahana Kumar starrer Marzi streaming on Voot Select is a good concept ruined by slow direction, confusing screenplay and poor plots.

The story talks about a woman Sameera (played by Aahana) who gets raped by Anurag played by Rajeev Khandelwal. When they were getting closer to each other, Anurag who fantasizes about having sex with independent and bold women, spikes Sameera’s drink and has sex with her as she lays half-unconscious. Waking up next morning, she realizes she was raped. She confronts, registers complaint and does all to get him behind bars.

Here, director hasn’t been able to understand how a woman who was raped a while ago can go to the pub next day. At one moment Sameera is deeply anguished and at the other, she is shown drinking in the pub. He hasn’t been able to draw a fine balance between both the acts.

What was the need for Anurag to rape the Lady inspector – the dare involving huge risk of getting caught – this wasn’t given a fair reasoning.

Another foolhardy attempt, Sameera goes to Anurag’s mother’s home to collect something he needs and the family there is not aware of the same. Instead of confirming back with Anurag the maid gives her the key to Anurag’s room. Who does that when Anurag’s mother herself tells that none of his friends visits this place?

How can such a bad screenplay be ever passed? How can one leave countless loopholes in one single series. A bad direction exemplified.

Last but not the least, when Anurag overpowers Sameera in the jungle, the lady inspector & Sameera could have easily got the twelve-hours hold on Anurag to have the drug screening fail. But, the director preferred to show the inspector act as fool and award another three months of plotting to catch him.

An opportunity wasted for such a good concept.

Aahana’s acting is good but at points she has given exaggerated expressions. Rajeev Khandelwal  has acted quite well too.

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