Netflix’s Jamtara Season 2 Release Date?

When will we see Netflix’s Jamtara Season 2? Well, let us tell you, Jamtara Season 1 which was released in Januaray 2020 and exposed the cyber crime capital of India is one of the most loved web-series across OTT platforms. Only after watching the series, the majority of the audience could know that Jamtara is the name of the village in Indian state of Jharkhand which is also the hotbed of cyber crimes such as phishing.

Jamtara web-series cast during promotion
Jamtara web-series cast during promotion

Jamtara Season 2 might release after August 2021

Now as every series has been coming up with sequels, we curiously enquired to know about the production of the Season 2. The internal sources say due to the Corona lockdown the production and related work has got hampered which has pushed the release date. But, if we recover out of this Covid-19 issue by July 2020, Jamtara Season 2 may release post September 2021.

With Amit Sial in lead, Season 1 review can be read at

So we have to wait at least until September 2021 to watch the Season 2 of Jamtara.

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