Oni Sen’s Asur Has More Villains Than Heroes! Read on to know our Dark Side.

Streaming on Voot Select, Arshad Warsi (Dhananjay) starrer Asur meticulously strives to present Hindu mythology legends Dev & Danav (here called Asur) in an unusual manner. Asur draws its reference as a person from being born under the inauspicious planet formations as opposed to Dev. Dhananjay nicknamed DJ goes head-on solving a serial-murder mystery in which his wife gets slain as well. Asur, which is more a philosophy than any one person as depicted in the series, is behind all the murders.

The initial episodes want us to believe it to be a cult fight between Asur & Dev where an Asur born in Kaliyug chooses to kill auspicious and righteous souls to invoke and challenge Lord Vishnu and his incarnation.

Later episodes tell us it to be a psychological revenge drama more where DJ had got Asur imprisoned in his teenage for having poisoned his father, instead of being sent to a juvenile home.

Whether it was a revenge-saga or a clash between Asur and Dev remain to be seen in 2nd series. The more you try to find out, more confusing it tends to be as the last episode unfolds multiple persons behind Asur which leaves us wanting for more.

The director has preferred not to show any planning of plots by Asur whenever he chooses his next kill. Like one in Aditya Jalan case, where how the toy-bomb-car enters the highly secure party premises and Asur manages to spike the bottle of wine.

It doesn’t seem convincing again when DJ receives a direct phone call from Asur challenging him to find him as he gives out the details of his next target.

DJ & his colleague Nusrat played by Ridhi Dogra are also shown as experts of autopsy in which they don’t need help even from doctors which is way too far. How can one team do all the jobs, that too with perfection?

Another gap appears when DJ’s colleague Nikhil (played by Barun Sobti) escapes Asur’s captivity, hitchhikes a car but doesn’t ask the driver for a phone call. Instead he is shown deboarding the car, approaching a shop for making a phone call.

The series doesn’t require any extraordinary acting skills, though the child Asur is good. Arshad is brilliant as ever. Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra & Sharib Hashmi have done well too.

The series deserves 6.5 out of 10 and makes for a definite watch despite the shortcomings.

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