5 Best ways to earn money online in 2020

Here, we bring to you the 5 best ways to earn money online. The year 2020 has devastated many lives. Most businesses have gone down and thousands of IT sector workforce has been laid off. The service sector and the tourism sector are the worst hit among all. In such a scenario, people are moving towards Stock Market or finding online the ways to make money. Let’s find out the most authentic ways to earn a livelihood on internet.

Following are the 5 best ways to earn money online

1. Start a Blog or Website – A Blog is simply a website platform on which one can write content. Now, content can be anything related to your expertise or domain. If you have good knowledge on Technology, start writing on Technology. If it’s food that interests you, then write content on food. There can be hundred other options like Travel, Cinema, Trading, Phones etc. Choose a topic, start writing and build it your niche. Keep writing consistently, and apply for Google Adwords after 6 months for monetizing your site. If your content is original and not copied, Google will approve your blog and there you start earning.

2. Start a YouTube Channel – In the age of digital and cheap data rates, lacs of people have come to YouTube to start a career as a YouTuber. But, only those are succeeding who are adding value, generating unique content and sharing their knowledge with the world. No one can stop you from earning a regular income from YouTube, if your videos are good and you are consistent with them. In the beginning, try making at least 2-3 good videos per week on the topic of your interest.

3. Write on Quora – This is another authentic way to earn money online. Start writing answers to the questions asked by general public on the Quora platform, and if the public likes yours answers, you have got your way around. As the views to your answers, so does your income from Quora. Again, you have to ensure that your answers are authentic, based on facts, and not plagiarized.

4. Affiliate Marketing – Amazon’s Affiliate program is biggest in the world. Affiliate Marketing is promoting products on your website or blog by writing on them. If you have good knowledge of any product that you see around or on Amazon, then sign up with Amazon Associates and start earning from Day 1. On every sale of product promoted and clicked through your website, Amazon pays up to 10% of commission. Starting a products-comparison blog is good ides to begin with in which you will compare different products and showcase a link on your site for people to click and buy.

5. Online Teaching – Unacademy, Byju and other online education platforms pay handsomely to educators. If you have good knowledge on any subject of your interest like Geography, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English – you can immediately start earning by signing up as an Educator.

The trick to success is to be consistent in your efforts throughout. If you procastinate, and choose to be complacent, then Blog, Affiliate Marketing or YouTube or Quora will be of no use. Always remember to be positive and never lose hope.

Sincerely give at least a year to YouTube or Blog before you start earning anything out of it. Be sincere with your efforts. Remember it.

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