Beware of Fake Sites like, Shopilux, Centerprix etc.. is the latest entrant into the list of fake shopping websites. The easy and cheap access to internet is also giving rise to fraudsters going online with tricking consumers into purchasing products at hugely discounted rates on fake sites. There are hundred such shopping sites being launched every day which dupe customers online.

What is

One such site recently launched is, which was earlier named Shopilux. After consumers got aware of the site being fake, the owners deleted the domain of Shopilux, and opened the new one with the name The other fake site was Centerprix which was being run by these scamsters and closed on the same pattern.

Modus Operandi of

The fake websites such as pick one product at a time, promote it at rates discounted by 90% or more through Google Ads and Facebook and show series of fake positive reviews. Many consumers fall into their net, make payment and keep waiting for the product forever.

Emails sent to their customers care teams are responded by bots, phone numbers work for a limited time and your most mostly put in queue. Once the sites like collect enough traction and money by duping people online, they scamsters shut the shop, delete all data and move on to building new site with a new product.

As of now, the is selling Mountain bicycles with MRP of over Rs 10000 at only Rs 999. Now, many consumers seeing the price would easily fall prey to them.

How to prevent yourself against site like Pitore

The lesson is to cross check until you are 100% confident before buying any product online. And, never believe a hugely discounted offer. The sites like Pitore show 100% positive reviews which give rise to suspicion. And, no matter how deeply funded a brand is, giving discounts as large as 90% call for doubt and authenticity. Also, check if a particular website has been given media coverage.

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