Another Fake website is ready to dupe customers! is another shopping website being run by scamsters online to dupe customers of their hard-earned money. The website which is being run with a domain name ‘ is a fake website selling Bicycles, office chairs etc.

How is duping people

The website is selling mountain bicycles worth over Rs 10000 at discount of over 80% at Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. For the same, the scamsters are running Google Ads and Facebook Ads to attract the customers. Once a visitor places an order, the money is gone. The product is never delivered. The owners make sure that the emails received by the customers are never replied.

By the time customers reach the Consumer court or file a police complaint, the owners, having already made plenty of money, delete the website, only to come up with a new name and new product with the identical strategy to dupe people around.

There are several other websites as well like, Shopilux, Centerprix etc. which adopted the similar modus operandi in the past and were shut by the owners after illegally making money. Such websites come and go, and are being launched in hordes.

Thus, a consumer is advised to practice caution, not fall for huge and illogical discounts before making a purchase online these days.

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