Why Seeti Maar is Salman Khan’s worst song till date?

Recreation of the South star Allu Arjun‘s song from 2017 film DJ: Duvvada Jagannadham, the Seeti Maar of Salman Khan has lethargic and unamusing performances.

Why Seeti Maar is one of the worst Bollywood songs?

Poorly Choreographed by Jaani Master, the dance has no synchronization across the steps. Leave the sync, the lazy steps are not clear even. While the original Seeti Maar has masterpiece performances by Allu Arjun and Pooja Hegde, this recreation will be known for Salman’s forced heroism and Disha Patani’s graceless moves. Apart from Salman, even Disha failed to bring any charisma to the song. She appeared uninterested throughout the song and didn’t seem expressive enough. Salman bringing his pinky finger close to the lips is the worst step of the song.

The lyrics written by Shabbir Ahmed are equally hopeless and repetitive, which rather seem as if the lyricist picked up the spontaneous lines of previous years rap songs and made a song out of it. The music given by Rockstar DSP is pain to the ears and no match to the original song. Choreographer has done a woeful job in the song which is full of haphazard and deranged dance moves.

While singers Kamaal Khan and Lulia Vantur have done a regular job, nothing could be expected from them of the scale which could save the song by any margin.

Though Salman Khan is known for bringing the iconic dance steps for his fans, but this performance by Salman will disappoint even his hardcore fans. Surrounded by sycophants, Salman Khan has definitely made fool of himself by clearing the direction of the pathetic recreation of Seeti Maar.

We wish there could be someone by Salman’s side to tell the wrong and right with his choices.

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