When Rishi Kapoor refused a film because it required shooting in the night!

As the megastar Rishi Kapoor has left us today, we try to recall few of his accounts from his real life. There goes the story that he refused a film which went on to become a huge success just because it required shooting during the night.

During the shooting of the film Sagar, a producer approached him for another film. Rishi Kapoor refused to meet him citing lack of time. But, due to the producer’s repeated persuasion, Rishi agreed to him during his drive after the shooting.

As the time came and Rishi asked him to tell him the story, the producer told him that the story required him to shoot in the night. Just listening to the first statement from the producer, Rishi Kapoor asked his driver to stop the car and refused the producer.

The said film went on to become the Superhit of its time.

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