When Irrfan Khan helped Nawazuddin Siddiqui jump from 15th floor!

The legend Irrfan Khan left us on 29th April, but his memories associated with his films or characters are never going to disappear. Nawazuddin has come forward recalling one such incident which belong to a film they were shooting together in New York.

One of the scenes required Nawazudding to jump from the 15th floor of a building. There were proper safety arrangements like harness rope etc. in place but Nawazudding couldn’t gather courage to step ahead with the scene.

When the director of the film got tired convincing Nawaz, Irrfan who was watching Nawaz from a lower floor came to the rescue. Irrfan went up to Nawaz and told him to just jump without thinking twice. Don’t overthink and jump, you will be safe. That moment with Irrfan’s help, Nawaz finally jumped from the 15th floor and the shoot could be completed.

There will be many such stories of fun and courage that remain to be dug to keep us inspired.

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