Whatever the grief, Sushant Singh Rajput should have fought the odds. RIP

Already the year 2020 has been wreaking havoc in the world, and then we have an an accomplished actor Sushant Singh Rajput leaving the world by committing suicide. Whatever may be the reasons, he should not have gone in an unhappening manner. No matter how hard his grief would be, we would have liked to see him fighting. His family, close friends would have loved to see him beating the odds.

How Sushant Singh Rajput succeed without any Godfather

There’s been speculations every media corner is trying to come up with. From scrapping of already signed films by Sushant to not following any camps in the Bollywood or to not having a Godfather in the Industry. Why at all Sushant needed to regret or grieve over any of the above.

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All these are lame excuses for an actor who had already achieved so much that many of those having Godfathers fail to achieve. He had given several hits. Most of his films were liked by the audience which only cares for good talent or a smile that was addictive like that of Sushant.

No matter what, Sushant Singh Rajput would have fought at all costs. Even if he failed in relationships. Even if he was ridiculed among the A-listers, even if he was not invited to Bollywood parties. Even if his superhit films were not preferred for awards against the mediocre films. He was part of the industry. He would have already known how these awards at functions are allotted.

Howsoever strong a reason he would have to depart, none would qualify to be the strong enough in front of the love the audience did, in front of the love his family & friends did. He has simply disrobed his family of the love and care they deserved from Sushant.

Was his grief bigger than the girl who rode his father 1500 kms on a bicycle. Or than the toddler who tried to wake up his dead mother?

HE WOULD’VE FOUGHT. No reason, grief would be bigger. Personal or social. That anyone of us commits suicide. Fight unto death. Or unto peace.

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