This is how the Shetty Sisters celebrated Sibling’s Day!

A sister is someone who knows your worst fears and darkest secrets. When your parents don’t understand your sister always will (or at least pretends to 😅)
If as a woman you don’t understand how you can love your sister sooooo much that you can kill for her and wring her neck at the same time… then you are a single child! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣
From all our shenanigans to all our ‘girlie issues’, I will always cherish those childhood memories, even when we fought like cats & dogs and then made up like nothing happened 😂.
But most importantly, I had someone who kept me going on my lowest days amid all the struggles life could throw at me, and for that I’m forever grateful to you for standing by me. Time has flown by but this must be said, you are IRREPLACEABLE. It’s “US” against the World, always… my Tunki ❤️😘😍🧿Ae love ya!🌈🦋
Also, wishing all of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter! ❤️🥳

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