How about shooting a Bollywood film at the most dangerous place on Earth?

Housing hundred of species of gigantic aquatic and land animals, this place once had the extensive river systems as part of its core ecology. But, now the deadly desert on the edge of Sahara, Cretaceous rock formations in South-eastern Morocco, also called the Kem Kem Group is the exact location to be termed as the most dangerous place on Earth.

The University of Portsmouth has published the report that scientists when studied the 100 million years old fossils of this site, it was found home to ferocious carnivores ranging from huge reptiles to extremely large birds of the Dinosaurs’ era.

The report , published in the journal ZooKeys, has been authored by Dr Nizar Ibrahim, Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Detroit Mercy.

Now when the most lethal place on Earth has been discovered, isn’t it time for Bollywood to go and shoot an action movie or may be a Sci-fi film with leading actors? We hope the film fraternity is reading this report.

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