Extraction Review: Chris Hemsworth & Randeep Hooda starrer thrills with brilliant action!

Sam Hargrave directed and a treat for those who seek entertainment in the form of raw action and inconceivable thriller, Extraction hits all chords. Chris Hemsworth is in never seen before Avatar. Randeep Hooda in a supporting role complements the lead actor in all scenes. And, there’s no doubt, this is Randeep’s best action film of his career so far. In its most gruelling form Hemsworth has found his genre in Extraction, finally.

Extraction Cast

Chris playing Tyler Rake who is a former Australian Air Service Regiment soldier is on a hired mission to rescue the son, Ovi Mahajan Junior (played by Rudraksh Jaiswal), of an Indian drug lord Ovi Mahajan Senior (Played by Pankaj Tripathi) who has been held to ransom by the Bangladesh’s biggest druglord.

Chris Hemsworth & Randeep Hooda Flight scene in Extraction
Chris Hemsworth & Randeep Hooda Flight scene in Extraction

While the mission has just begun, Saju (played by Randeep) who is a former Indian Special Forces Soldier tries to spoil Rakes’s plan and put a solo attempt to bring Ovi back on his own. Now what proceeds is the inevitable story of multiple kills, extortion and threats. The story has some thrilling outspreading of events which is further strengthened by the praiseworthy screenplay, despite some noteworthy lacunae.

The film has been majorly shot in Bangladesh and India. Camera work is remarkable as the director has chosen scenes on wide scale to depict the vastness involved in execution of the shoots. Dialogues are impactful and writers have done the task beautifully by keeping strong dialogues for all major casts.

The intensity of the locations the film is shot at is hot and naturals, and gives you another reason for praising the film.

All actors have been tremendous at their jobs. The junior artists match the lead cast in carrying out their roles with perfection.

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The film deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

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