Why not demand Bharat Ratna for Kangana Ranaut?

It wont’s be wrong to demand Bharat Ratna for Kangana Ranaut. As Kangana Ranaut emerges as a warrior in her bid to expose Bollywood on Drug abuse and nepotism post Sushant Singh Rajput death, people are hailing her as Jhansi Ki Rani. And for the right reason as she is the one who is fearlessly taking the Maharashtra government head-on after latter’s allegedly botched-up investigation of mystery behind Sushant’s death.

Bharat Ratna for Kangana Ranaut

In the response to Kangana, Maharasthra govt. is taking all the steps in an extremely wrong manner which seems like a revenge. From calling Kangana ‘mental’ to demolishing her office has set a very bad example for which the netizens are slamming the Maharashtra Chief Minister.

That she has raised very important issues of Drug abuse in Bollywood, Maharashtra govt. instead of supporting her and starting a fair investigation has done it all otherwise. For what Kangana has spoken so strongly must not be stopped here, we should support her as she singlehandedly takes on the wrongdoings in Bollywood.

Well, why not start the Twitter hashtag demanding Bharat Ratna for the warrior Kangana Ranaut, which she actually truly deserves. Let’s do it for someone is headstrong and justified in her demands and represent the spirit of the nation.

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