Why Amit Bhadana is India’s best YouTuber

Many would question as to what makes us think that Amit Bhadana is India’s best YouTuber when there are many other YouTubers of equal popularity and talent such Bhuvan Bam, Carry Minati, Ashish Chanchlani etc. Well, that’s definitely true that the other Youtubers are also doing extremely well and thus have earned immense fan following. But, here we are going to talk about the quality of content. Means, how the content that Amit Bhadana creates is the best among all.

Why Amit Bhadana is India’s best YouTuber

To be able to make people laugh without using foul language and double-meaning adult jokes requires a great deal of wit and humour. And, there we get the man who has been excelling at it since 2012. Amit Bhadana – the 25 year old lad is making videos since 2012, but he started posting long and detailed videos only since 2017. Most of his videos are shot in outdoor locations which involve supporting cast as well with Amit leading from the front. Almost all his acts, jokes and stories are written by Amit himself.

India's best Youtuber
India’s best Youtuber

But, it’s all due to his pure wit that he has been making videos which is absolutely without any double-meaning jokes, foul language, expletives or mocking other YouTubers etc. Because of that even the family audience including children can enjoy and watch his videos. It’s something called overall dose of entertainment which Amit serves to his fans.

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He performs and acts nonchalantly in his videos using the Desi and humourous tongue which all his audience relates to very well. Recently, in May 2020, he completed 20 Million subscriber and became the first Independent Indian YouTuber to have achieved the feat. He is doing a great service to the entertainment industry when every third guy using hell lot of abuse in his content calls himself a comedian.

The family-audience driven content is something which places him as the best among all his contemporaries. It’s not at all easy to create and crack jokes without cuss words in the times when the use of expletives has become all the more prevalent. He has chosen the hard path for himself, stuck to that, and the results for him have been outstanding.

And, that’s why we think Amit Bhadan is India’s best Youtuber. We wish more success as he continues on his path of generating pure family entertainment.

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