Who was the strongest warrior in Mahabharat?

We have all seen Mahabharat in our childhood, and re-watched it now in lockdown. Has it ever occurred to you to identify the strongest warrior in Mahabharat? We all reckon just one name i.e. Arjun to be the strongest amongst all. But, no. It wasn’t Arjun. Nor it was Karna.

You will now say, Lord Krishna. But, he didn’t participate in the war. So, Lord Krishna despite being the strongest, will not be counted in.

Strongest Warrior in Mahabharat

It was Bhishma Pitamah or Gangaputra Bhishma- who was the strongest warrior Mahabharat battle. Pitamah’s original name was Devavratha. He was the eighth son of the Kuru King Shantanu and the river goddess Ganga. He attained his knowledge of weapons from Lord Vishnuś sixth avatar Parshuram. became the best archer and warrior of his time.

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Once, Bhishma’s guru Parshuram dared him to fight. And, Bhishma defeated even his Guru who had trained him initially. Bhishma had vowed to never raise weapon against a weapon. And, he even told this secret to Arjun. Who then took Shikhandi with him on the Rath, facing Shikhandi Bhishma didn’t raise any weapon and Arjun could pierce his arrows through Bhishma only then.

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