Akshay Kumar sang Teri Maa Ki C*** in this movie

That’s RIGHT. Akshay Kumar sang Teri Maa Ki C*** which is a cuss word in India in the title song of the movie Aflatoon, released in 1997. This sounds unbelievable as to how an established actor could do it. Or, even how the makers got the permission from Central Board of Film Certification.

Akshay Kumar sang Teri Maa Ki C*** in the song Aflatoon
Akshay Kumar Uttered “Teri Maa Ki C***” in Aflatoom

It’s sad but Akshay Kumar used this cuss word not once but many time over. Though, the singer Remo Fernandes denied using it initially but he admitted and it created a huge furore that time.

The director Guddu Dhanoa had to finally change the cuss words in the song with a similar rhyme but it was late as the song was already in the market.

This was despicable at the Actor’s and the makers’ part to use a cuss word in the movie.

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