Top 10 Warriors of Mahabharat

Let’s find out the top 10 warriors of Mahabharat war. Mahabharat era is primarily known for the Kurushetra war between Pandavas and Kauravas led by Yudhishtara & Durydhan respectively. Both sides had powerful warriors to relay on in the war. But Kaurava’s side had more warriors than Pandavas. Here we go with our study selecting the strongest and most powerful fighters of Mahabharat time.

Top 10 Warriors of Mahabharat

Ghatotkach: Son of Bhim and Hidimba, Ghatotkach left a permanent impression of his in the Kurushetra war between Pandavas & Kauravas. As much as, it was Ghatotkach against whom Karna had to use his Brahamastra weapon which he couldn’t use further against Arjun. Had Ghatotkach not been there, it would be impossible for Arjun to defeat Karna. Thus, Ghatotkach is also considered as the saviour of Arjun by historians.

Bhim: Yudhishtir’s younger brother Bhim was one of the most powerful warriors. With strength of 100 elephants, it was Bhim who defeated and slit opened Dushasan’s chest. Bhim was physically more powerful than Duryodhan but mentally Duryodhan was more clever. If it wasn’t for Lord Krishna’s help, Bhim wouldn’t be able to kill Duryodhan.

Duryodhan: Durydhan is also considered the Ravan of Dwapar Yug who due to his ego and greed couldn’t see the difference between right and wrong. And, since he followed the path of unrighteousness, he met his fate at the hands of Bhim. Had Duryodhan followed the path of Dharma, he would be the much superior warrior in this list.

Ashwathama: He was son of Guru Dronacharya and received his weapons training from his father only. Though he was an excellent archer and holder of divine weapons like Brahmastra and Indrastra, but he was not match to his superiors like Karna and Arjun.

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Kripacharya: He was royal priest of the Kuru Kingdom. He possessed many divine weapons and was an incredible archer who fought on Kauravas’ side in the war of Kurushetra. He was also one of the warriors who remained alive until the war ended.

Abhimanyu: Trained by Lord Krishna and Arjun themselves, he was one of the leading warriors among his contemporaries. On the day of Chakravyuh, he was able to hold on to all leading warriors of Kuru Sena singlehandedly on his own. No Kuru warrior could have defeated him in a one-to-one fight.

Arjun & Dronacharya: Arjun was the dearest disciple of Dronacharya. And, as per Dronachrya, Arjun was also the best archer of his time. Dronacharya & Arjun were equals in powers. And, neither of the two could defeat each other in the war. Dronacharya was killed by Drishtadyumna when the former dropped his weapons upon hearing the death of his son Ashwathama.

Karna: He was actually the 6th Pandav and eldest amongst all. He was trained by Parashurama in archery, mace-dual etc. He was not only best in Archery but other weapons as well like mace, sword etc. Had he not sided with Duryodhan, he would have survived the war as Arjun could kill him only with the help of Lord Krishna. Karna had spared Arjuna’s life a day before Arjun killed him.

Bhishma: Gangaputra Bhishma was the most powerful and ferocious warrior of Mahabharat era. He was also trained by Parshuram like Karna. Pandavas could never win the Mahabharat war had Bhishma not told the secret of his death to Yudhishtir. He was above all warriors of Mahabharat and had also defeated his own Guru Parshuram once. He was the no. 1 warrior among Top 10 Warriors of Mahabharat.

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