Shruti Bapna’s is the best part in the loopholes-driven Abhishek Bachchan led thriller Breathe Into the Shadows. Rating: 6.5/10

Amazon Prime Video’s Breathe Into the Shadows is a poorly designed visual experiment to make audience believe into anything. Then be it completely inept or illogical. It’s a thriller which has been made out of the comfort of the director-creator Mayank Sharma.

A work of fiction draws its reality and facts from the world we live in and experience. But, this vision seems overruled in this series which mostly seems a cover-up by the makers to hide the shortcomings of the series. But, the more they hide, the more it reveals.

Breathe Into the Shadows Actors’ Performance

Abhishek Bachchan in lead, seen after a long time on screen, shows his mettle one more time and has acted better than many of his previous roles. It’s one of his finest performances to remember though he didn’t appear effortless and was seen putting pressure a lot of times throughout the series.

Amit Sadh is an amazing emerging actor and has lot of potential. He needs to be directed in more character-worthy lead roles by the industry. His physical transformation in the series will leave everyone stunned.

Shruti Bapna in Breathe Into the Shadows

Shruti Bapna is an effortless actor. She deserves more of space in the Film Industry. She outdoes herself every time she appears in a new show or web-series. Shruti makes an impeccable character artist and has a Hollywood appeal in her persona. Brilliantly performing as a gay writer in the series, she brings diversity to her domain.

Nithya Menen has done her job well too. She is a simple actor and very expressive at times. Other star cast were:

  • Saiyami Kher – Her role was kind of wasted and the story didn’t have anything meaningful for her.
  • Hrishikesh Joshi – He outshone himself in a supporting role of a Sub Inspector.
  • Shrikant Verma – He too was good and justified the act and scope he was given.
  • Plabita Borthakur – She was a pleasant on-screen presence and acted aptly.
Breathe Into the Shadows Storyline

The series Breathe Into the Shadows which has Abhishek Bachchan playing as ‘Avinash Sabharwal’ and ‘J’ at the same time will make you go crazy into believing it. The whole story is full of loopholes as to how the particular disorder of split personality has been portrayed. It will confuse you to no end if you try to apply your mind. Just watch and believe whatever the makers show if you want to enjoy the thrill the series offers.

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Had it not been for feeble logics in the series, the story is good and captivating. The end of the series has been unnecessarily rushed up and winded up in the last episode. The show of 12 episodes doesn’t do justice to the detailing the makers try to put in. The rush to end the series without putting the similar detailed effort as in the past episodes is erring at the makers’ end and dissolves the very purpose the series enjoys initially.

The web series Breathe Into the Shadows deserves 6.5 out of 10 stars.

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