Based on Sushant Singh Rajput, the short film Shaant starring Sufi Khan delivers a strong message

Directed by Arpita Sengupta, the short film Shaant starring Sufi Khan released on 16th July. Written by Sufi Khan himself, ‘Shaant’ is based on the illness of depression that we often fail to identify and understand the grave risk it contains to someone’s life. Depression must be called out and fought, and not kept within – this is what the short film Shaant is all about.

Watch the short film Shaant
The short film ‘Shaant’

Inspired by the life of Sushant Singh Rajput as to how his film Chhichhore gave the strong message against suicide but Sushant went opposed to his own teaching and committed suicide on 14th June 2020.

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The film has a very intense message with impactful dialogues perfectly delivered by Sufi Khan. The ending is beautiful when Sufi wakes up in the morning and gazes at the ceiling fan to which he had tied the rope to commit suicide in his dream last night.

Sufi Khan has acted wonderfully and justifies the script completely. The voice-over is also by Sufi himself. The film has a beautiful song too which has been sung by Shaheen Khan and Music given by Gaurav Pratham while Saveesh Achari has done an impressive Editing job as the Director of Photography.

Howsoever struggling one’s life may be, that suicide can never be the alternative is the sole message the film sends. Kudos to the whole team and the director, Arpita Sengupta.

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