Shakuntala Devi Review: A classically shot biography of the Maths legend | Rating: 7/10

There’s hardly anything a critic could reflect upon to count the negatives about the film. Vidya Balan truly lived up to the grace and scale of Shakuntala Devi. Or, we rather say Vidya Balan repositioned the forgotten Shakuntala Devi as the Maths legend in 21st century.

Shakuntala Devi Review

It’s mysterious, unbelievable and nothing short of the magic that Shakuntala Devi could successfully pull off behemoth calculations within seconds. Without having gone to any school and deprived of any formal education, she put forward a show which forced the world to hail Shakuntala as Human Computer. She made the whole nation proud of feats which were far above any other legendary achievement.

Actors’ performances

Vidya Balan – It’s hard to think as to who would have done the greater justice to the role of Shankuntala Devi other than Vidya Balan. To say that she aced it would be an understatement. She seems to have lived the Shakuntala Devi herself during shooting, she looked this engrossed. Vidya appeared uber cool and natural throughout and perfectly played the Human Computer Shakuntala.

Jisshu Sengupta playing the husband of Shakuntala Devi as an IAS Paritosh Banerji is a calm and composed actor in the league of Manoj Vajpayee. His role was written well and every second of screen space was well utilized.

Sanya Malhotra playing the daughter of Shankuntala Devi as Anupama Banerji is good too. But, at times, she appeared lost in the film. The child version of Anupama was well played.

Amit Sadh as Ajay Abhaya Kumar, husband of Anupama Banerji looks quite good. Other casts were good too and all together put forth a film full of classical entertainment.

Screenplay, Dialogues & Direction

Anu Menon has been amazing director. Her skills are only increasing and vision widening with each film she makes. Anu has also done the screenplay partly along with Nayanika Mahtani.

Ishita Moitra’s dialogues are apt and placed correctly. And, Vidya and other casts have quite well uttered them. Ishita is a seasoned dialogue writer and always goes a step ahead in her job.

The film is a complete entertainer as you enjoy Shankuntala solving humongous calculation solving instantly. The film deserves 7 out of 10 stars.

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